Warframe: Harmony Build and Impressions


Harmony is Jade’s signature scythe that came in the Jade Shadows update. I think as more melee weapons get added to Warframe, it is becoming increasingly hard to get interested in using them. As such, when it comes to Harmony, and the build I have for it. The only use cases for it come directly from synergy with Jade and Tennokai. But let us first go over the build before diving into my overall thoughts on it.

Warframe Harmony

Harmony Build and Impressions in Warframe

Below is the build I have been using with Jade:

While Harmony looks like it can be built for Critical, similar to Evensong, I do not recommend it. A condition overload build with Melee Elementalist and Melee Retaliation for maximum damage output. The Blast and Corrosive damage can be very good for both crowds and singular targets. This build can be good for both Harrow and Hildryn as well as Jade. Due to the overshield reliance for a flat damage buff. But it is designed for just general use in Warframe.

Harmony, outside of its quirk with the passive status duration buff after hitting an enemy with Tennokai does separate it from the rest in its class. It just does not do enough to be very interesting. It can hit hard, and it does look very cool, and at the end of the day the melee system is meant for just those aspects. I was just expecting better synergetic effects with the other two weapons. However, this is just my build for Harmony, I hope it works for you in Warframe.