Warframe: Evensong Build and Impressions


Evensong is one of the latest new bows to arrive in Warframe. It came with the latest content update that launched on the 18th called Jade Shadows. Evensong is a weapon that I have being able to enjoy in certain pieces of content. But its viability in endgame content is not recommended. Let’s go over the build first before we delve into my impressions of it.


Evensong Build and Impressions in Warframe

Below is my build for Evensong:

For starters, let me state that while it does seem like it can be skewed to be more critical based? It is not. I went for a very proactive build with blast now that blast is actually useful. With a decent amount of multi-shot, and punch through with Primed Shred also knocking down the time needed to fully draw the bow back. Considering the bow is going to be useful for smaller enemies in Warframe, the Galvanized mods and Primed Merciless help with the damage output over time.

Now for the negative part. While I do like the innate puncture inflictions on enemies, a dead enemy is better to me than one that cannot hit me as hard. The multi-shot passive it grants to allies when you kill things is great, but in practice, it is very underwhelming as a weapon. You either go for the small fry to keep the empowerments from mods, or strip that all away for another generic Corrosive and Hunter Munitions build. I feel like it can be built for one or the other. But I am not going to sacrifice a slot in my arsenal for this weapon. Its initial damage output is just surprisingly underwhelming, to me at least. However, this is just my build, and hopefully better use cases come down the line. Bows are just in a weird spot right now, especially with the newly added semi-auto mods. I do hope this guide helps you if you are looking to use it with Jade in Warframe, though!