LOGNET’s Favorite Gaming Snacks And Drinks


Periodically, I like to put together a community article. Sometimes they might involve the gaming community as a whole. Then other times it might just involve the LOGNET team. So today I decided to pull the team together to discuss our favorite gaming snacks and drinks. Here is what the team came up with.

Lord Cognito, CEO of Lords of Gaming and Host of the Iron Lords Podcast

When it came to Cog’s favorite gaming snacks and drinks, he kept it short and sweet. This is what Lord Cognito had to say:

The way I move with gaming, it’s like when it’s time to eat I’ll actually stop gaming for the time being. Then I’ll eat my meal while watching a video. Because when I’m gaming, I’ll have my Valari Pillow setup with my phone and controller, and that’s it. Occasionally, at best there might be a bottle of water off to the side. When it comes to me, I really try to separate gaming and eating.

Mahmood Ghaffar, Editor in Chief for Lords of Gaming

Mahmood talks about his favorite gaming snacks and drinks but mentions some of the negative effects as well. He does partake occasionally and tis what Mahmood shared:

When it comes to snacking and gaming it’s a double-edged sword. On the one hand, snacks are obviously great, but if said snack results in many crumbs, stains, or cheesy residue, they will definitely throw off your game. That is why, I have traditionally defaulted to gummy snacks, but the ones without the sugary coats.

Gummy bears and jelly collys are tasty and work very well. To add, coming from a hot and humid country, water is essential, and I drink plenty of it when gaming. Of course, if I need a perk up, then look no further to some coffee, especially espressos that will give you a nice, caffeinated jolt in a few sips.

Joe Repko, Co-Assistant Editor in Chief for Lords of Gaming

Joe who I’ve talked to quite a bit since we joined LOGNET around the same time had a little different take on food. He likes to have an occasional beverage while enjoying some “food for the soul.” This was what Joe shared with us:

As ghetto as it sounds, because I live in Gatorland otherwise known as Florida. The springs and summers are brutal, and the humidity really gets me thirsty. So, my favorite go-to when playing anything is going to be a nice, sweet liquid. Anything from Cran-Strawberry Juice to Gatorade or Powerade as well. Just to keep the little dry lip smacks away when vocally reacting to a game in my own home. Water can also be a go-to for anyone who likes to avoid the unhealthy ingredients featured in those drinks.

But my other favorite “food” so to speak, is listening to a podcast, or having a stream on from a friend to drown out any long dull experiences in most games. Sure, it’s not something fully edible, but I think it can be classified as “food for the soul”. It’s especially something very good to have around when playing multi-player games when not on voice chat. Not to be a wet blanket but having too much food around while gaming can really smudge your controllers, so I like to save the eating for set times away from gaming.

Robert Kellett, Assistant Editor for Lords of Gaming

Robert Kellett better known as “Lord Sonic” because of his love for Sonic wasn’t a big snack eater. He does however enjoy a good, caffeinated beverage. When it came to his favorite gaming snacks and drinks this was his beverage of choice:

The perfect gaming snack is more so a drink, which is a wonderful cup of iced coffee. Having that wonderful caffeine while powering through a tough fight or dashing to the goal ring is a great feeling. And due to various options like coffee creamers, you can have endless options to mix things up! While not a ‘standard’ snack, it’s Lord Sonic’s go-to when sitting down for a long game session.

Cerebral Paul, Assistant Editor for Lords of Gaming and Interview Co-Host for 4GQTV

Cerebral Paul is a new addition to the LOGNET team, and he does enjoy extended game periods. So, you can only imagine he might get hungry or thirsty. So, when it came to his favorite gaming snacks and drinks this is what Paul told us:

When I get ready for a gaming session, I plan to be there anywhere from 2 to 6 hours at least. If I don’t stock up on snacks and drinks before starting, I am likely to forget to eat at all. I’ve streamed 12-plus hours without taking a break with games I really get drawn into. My snacks of choice are primarily Cool Ranch, Taco, or Nacho Cheese Doritos.

I also love Cheetos, but Cheeto dust has a tendency to get onto and into everything and is not covered on my Elite 2 controller warranty. For hydration, I used to be a Mt. Dew guy but because being a fat disabled guy makes life much tougher than it needs to be, I drink flavored water (with caffeine), or black coffee.

Chris Jones, Co-Community Manager and Senior Writer for Lords of Gaming

Now when it comes to my favorite gaming snacks and drinks, I have evolved over the years. Younger Chris would be a menace and eat anything and everything while playing as a kid. However, as I got older and slightly more responsible you might catch me eating pizza in between rounds on Halo 3, not during the game. I was definitely eating pizza while tabletop gaming with friends playing something like Dungeons and Dragons. Then I evolved or matured even more to mainly candy that wasn’t messy like Skittles, Runts, and Gobstoppers. I work at nighttime so I’m always awake at night and used to eat pizza rolls with a fork and dip them in ranch.

Only if I was super hungry though. Now I don’t really tend to eat much while gaming. As for my favorite drink, it has also changed over time. I don’t know if anyone remembers, but there was a drink called Pepsi Blue and I absolutely loved that drink. It was discontinued in 2004 unfortunately, so I migrated towards Mt. Dew as that was what my biological mom drank. I also loved the Mt. Dew Game Fuel, so we can’t forget that. There was a time period when I worked at Wendy’s and all I did was work and game during the Halo 3 days.

I was addicted to energy drinks and supplements back then and that’s all I drank really. As I got older and cared for my body, I stopped drinking as much soda or pop and leaned toward water, with the occasional Mt. Dew. If I had to choose a drink of choice though, I would go with Advanced GG’s Focus line and use the Tropical Typhoon or Sour Apple powder with water.

Closing Remarks

I always enjoy it when the team can put together one of these group pieces. Especially a fun one like our favorite gaming snacks and drinks. It’s cool to see how we might differ from one another or that we have similar thoughts. For the most part, when it comes to gaming it is smart to get crumbs everywhere or grease up your controllers. Better to be safe than sorry. Stay tuned for more group pieces in the future.