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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Boss Guide – Baishe, Zhang Rang, and Hua Xiong


Welcome to Lords of Gaming’s extensive Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty boss guide. Here, we will cover every boss’s attack patterns and strategies on how to overcome them courtesy of Lord Addict from the Iron Lords Podcast. This section of the Wo Long boss guide will focus on Baishe, Zhang Rang, and Hua Xiong. If you missed our previous boss guides check them out here. While you’re here, check out some Wo Long gameplay tips to help get you started.


Wo Long Baishe

Attack Patterns

  • Basic Attacks
    • Poison AOE attack (thrown everywhere around the battlefield)
    • Circular tail attack
    • Normal attacks with her hands and snake arms
    • Short-distance charge attack
    • Fast downward attack with her whole body
    • Lightning balls that come at you
  • Unblockable Attacks
    • Flying charge attack
    • Fast mid-range grab attack

Wo Long Boss Guide – Baishe Strategy

Baishe is a fast opponent with quick and fast attacks. For the most part, the only thing you need to do is stay away from her unblockable quick-grab move. Also, make sure you target and learn the timing to the unblockable flying attack.

Be sure to parry and guard as much as you feel comfortable doing. She will get more aggressive in the fight when you take her health down but even at that pace, she won’t really give you too many issues as long as you stick to the plan.

Zhang Rang

Wo Long Zhang Rang

Attack Patterns

  • All the clones use some form of magic
  • Clones will use some form of unblockable as well

Wo Long Boss Guide – Zhang Rang Strategy

Zhang Rang is a magic user that has a few clones on the battlefield with him. For the most part, this fight can be hard if you don’t take on the challenge in a safe way. His clones do not have to be defeated for him to take damage but they give him buffs and make fighting him a lot harder.

The best way to take this fight is to focus on the side of the map with the least amount of clones and kill the clones as quickly as possible. Luckily, every time you take out a clone his stagger bar is reduced to make the fight with him easier. In general, clones don’t have a lot of health.

Best Time to Heal during Zhang Rang Boss Fight

The best time to heal in this fight is when you take out a few clones and have a decent side of the map to yourself. Although if you need it, you can try to panic heal and hope he doesn’t hit you before you can parry his attacks.

Hua Xiong

Hua Xiong


Attack Patterns

  • Basic Attacks
  • Unblockable Attacks
    • Jump attack
    • Forward attack

Wo Long Boss Guide – Hua Xiong Strategy

Hau looks like a normal armored enemy but don’t be fooled. He is extremely fast and will chase you down the entire time. The fight is really about dodging and making sure you parry his unblockable attacks.

Make sure you block incoming attacks well. Though if you are about to get staggered, make sure you start parrying his basic attacks to help to preempt Hua Xiong from staggering you. The best time to attack him is when Hua is doing his unblockable jump attack. It’s easy to parry and if you don’t you can get some hits on him before he recovers

Best Time to Heal During Hua Xiong Boss Fight

If you need to heal try to heal during his unblockable attacks as long as they don’t hit you.

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