Enotria Protagonist taunting with sword

Enotria: The Last Song Dances Its Way onto Steam Next Fest


Enotria Protagonist taunting with sword

Steam Next Fest is well underway. With it comes a whole slew of demos for players to try out. One standout in particular is a soulslike inspired by Italian folklore, that game is Enotria: The Last Song.

Enotria: The Last Song Demo Available Now on Steam Next Fest

Enotria was recently shown off at this year’s Summer Games Fest. The game’s demo is live during the Steam Next Fest. Developers, Jyamma Games, wanted to celebrate by running a couple of contests for players for some additional challenges that can net you some great rewards.

Contest Details & Physical Edition Pre-Orders Coming Soon

Enotria contest promo banner and details

The contest runs from June 10-20 and will be in the nature of timings of speed runs and other challenges for players to test their skills. However, to participate in the contest, players will need to sign up with this form. Check out the breakdown of the challenges below.


  • A straightforward classic speedrun, the fastest time from demo start to the defeat of Vermiglio, The Red Prior boss.

No Leveling Run:

  • Fastest time from demo start to the defeat of Vermiglio, The Red Prior boss WITHOUT leveling up.

Completionist Run:

  • Fastest time from demo start to completion of defeating all the bosses and combat rifts.

Additionally, Jyamma Games announced that pre-orders for the physical edition of Enotria: The Last Song will be available soon.

Enotria: The Last Song will launch on Steam, Epic Games Store, as well as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on September 19, 2024. The game will retail for €45 or equivalent currencies.

About the Game

In Enotria: The Last Song players will don the masks of fallen enemies and assume their roles adding new ways to play. There will be over 30 Masks for players to collect and you can easily swap between up to 3 loadouts at any time. There will be 68 unlocked skills and over 150 million different build combinations.

Enotria also has a reality-altering mechanic that players can switch on a whim. Altering realities is crucial for solving puzzles, revealing secrets, traversal, and can even give you an edge in battles.

Chain kills and Masks swaps will be essential to take down challenging opponents. There will be over 120 weapons, 8 weapon classes, 45 spells, and 8 parry modifiers to break enemies’s posture and enable devasting riposte attacks for players to experiment with.