Suit Up! – Spider-Man 2 June 2024 Update


Insomniac’s Spider-Man series is no stranger to costumes for the wall-crawler. And Spider-Man 2 did a great job on that front, having a varied lineup.

That continues with the June 18th, 2024 update, offering a new batch of costumes and quality-of-life features.


A Spectacular Fashion Sense – New Suits

The new costumes are from people all around the world, as cited by Insomniac Games;

First, we’re delighted to fully unveil four new suits created in partnership with Colm Dillane, AKA KidSuper, and some special guest collaborators. Evenly split between the Spider heroes, these are new takes on Spidey suits designed from the ground up by KidSuper, Vini Jr, Lando Norris, and Rina Sawayama.

These designs are completely original to Spider-Man 2, never appearing in other Spider-Man media before. And they are free additions, not paid.

Classic Costumes Return

In addition to the new costumes, iconic comic designs from Spider-Man 1 are also included in this update.

Alongside the Into the Spider-Verse costume for Peter, the animated costume for Miles and a ‘Last Stand’ costume return.

Quality of Life Additions

In addition to these free costumes for Peter and Miles, minor quality-of-life additions are also coming to the game.

Finally, our latest update brings stability fixes to the game and addresses some player feedback, such as the ability to swap out your parry and traversal abilities from the Symbiote to Spider Arms, and vice versa.

With this, people can properly enjoy both the Black Suit and Normal Suit styles.

Closing Thoughts on Spider-Man 2 Update

As someone who personally loved Spider-Man 2, it is genuinely fantastic seeing these free costume updates. For most superhero games, the publisher would just sell the costumes in a DLC bundle. Or worse, link costumes or new heroes to battle passes.

With Insomniac’s Spidey adventures, they have always been player first in this regard. And addressing small details people had issues with is such a nice touch. It helps maintain the ‘fantasy’ of being Spider-Man.

Will you explore New York City with the wall crawlers in their new costumes on June 18th? Let us know in the comments below!