Aquaman Rises On King of Statues Episode 16


Heir to the throne of Atlantis, and King of the Seven Seas -all hail Aquaman! Gifted with extraordinary aquatic abilities, Arthur Curry rises from the depths wielding his mighty trident. The powerful enchanted weapon and symbol of sovereign authority. Striking a commanding pose in regal gold and green incarnation of his iconic costume. The sworn protector of the planet swells with cool determination at the edge of the surf. Do you like the Aquaman statue presented this week?


Perfectly capturing one of DC Comics’ most recognizable heroes. Sideshow’s Aquaman Premium Format Figure is a must-have for fans of the Justice League!

Brand: DC Comics

Manufacturer: Sideshow Collectibles

Type: Premium Format Figure


Product Size | Height: 24″

Box Size |  Height: 18.00″ | Width 22.00″ | Depth 24.00″

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