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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Boss Guide – Liu Bei, Yuan Shao, Yu Li


Welcome to Lords of Gaming’s extensive Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty boss guide. Here, we will cover every boss’s attack patterns and strategies on how to overcome them courtesy of Lord Addict from the Iron Lords Podcast. This guide will cover the 18th, 19th, and 20th bosses of the game: Liu Bei, Yuan Shao, Yu Li. Let us begin! While you’re here, check out some Wo Long gameplay tips to help get you started.

Liu Bei Boss Guide


Attack Patterns:

  • Normal sword attacks.
  • Lightning sword attacks.
  • Uses his tail.
  • Uses lightning balls that turn into AOE’s.
  • Unblockable red energy attacks from the air.

Liu Bei Strategy

Liu Bei is a boss that flies around the map and might be the quickest foe we have faced yet. He does lightning AOE attacks often and makes this encounter extremely hard. Because when you do get a few good hits on him the AOE’s most of the time will either stop you from hitting him anymore or hit you right when he flies away. Making it hard to maintain health during this fight. This fight is hard to give good advice for since Liu Bei is so quick and he does random stuff. But picks fights wisely and attacks mainly when the lightning AOE’s are not present on the battlefield. There is rarely a time to heal since he is quick but when he is in the middle of the battlefield charging up is a decent time to strike. Beware though, sometimes he will still hit you mid-healing.

Yuan Shao Boss Guide


Attack Patterns:

  • Blocks with shield.
  • Throws shield.
  • Shield hand shoots ice.
  • Unblockable shield throw.
  • Swings the snake’s hand like a whip.

Yuan Shao Strategy:

Yuan is a boss that has a shield on one hand and a snake on the other. This fight is not hard by any means. Both hands can be destroyed for a few moments in the fight before they come back and all of his attacks are easy to parry. His unblockable attacks are also easy to manage. The only thing that makes this boss fight a little hard is how fast he can get around the map using the shield arm when it’s gone because it turns into an ice cannon that he uses to blast around the battlefield. As well as throw a few ice-style attacks at you. Just focus on getting behind him and maintaining his arms to make sure they are destroyed. This is easy because it does not take much to destroy them although he can get around the map easily. Additionally, the best time to heal is running away for a few seconds after destroying the arms.

Yu Li Boss Guide

Wo Long Yu Li

Attack Patterns:

  • Will use his sword.
  • Teleports a lot.
  • Poison AOE’s.
  • Ice daggers have different styles.
  • Earth AOE/Attacks.
  • Lightning Attacks.
  • Unblockable Grab move.
  • Unblockable Fireball Move.
  • And an Unblockable Dash move.

Yu Li Strategy:

Yu Li is fast and has access to a lot of different types of spells of every element. He also is quick since he has a teleporting move and he has a lot of unforgiving unblockable attacks that do massive damage. The thing about Yu Li is he has all of that and he is not really a huge threat. The teleporting move that he uses to quickly get around the map is a huge weakness of his. If you hit him when he appears after teleporting, which is mainly near you, he will be stunned for a few hits before teleporting away. When he dashes at you with his sword, parry and you can do some damage before he recovers. You can also get him a few times when he throws out the poison AOE if you’re close enough. His unblockable attacks for the most part are easy to parry except for his grab. I’d avoid that one unless you know the timing well enough. The point of the first fight is to save as much health as possible because after you defeat him you need to take the potions that you have left to the next boss fight.

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