Super Mega Ultrawatch

Overwatch 2 – Super Mega Ultrawatch is Here!


Another season of Overwatch 2 begins. “Mirrowatch” introduced a fantastic concept with its role reversal. However, season 11 hints at nostalgia being the main focus. Blizzard released a full trailer for “Super Mega Ultrawatch” along with a tease for things to come.

Go Go Ultrawatch!

Super Mega Ultrawatch

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Season 11 is titled, “Super Mega Ultrawatch.” It features your favorite heroes reimagined. Additionally, each season of Overwatch 2 also brings a new Mythic skin. This season features Ashe with the new Mythic Calamity Empress Ashe skin.

This skin costs 50 Mythic prisms to unlock initially with each further customization costing 10 prisms. Subsequently, Ashe and B.O.B. (her Omnic companion) each have three customizations. As per usual, these Mythic skins feature all-new VFX and redefine the fantasy and image of a hero. However, Team Four (the development team behind the game) seeks to offer further ways to customize your heroes.

Super Mega Ultrawatch

Super Mega Ultrawatch also marks the introduction of Mythic weapon skins. These behave similarly to their hero-skin counterpart. However, Mythic weapon skins can be equipped with any other hero skin. The first Mythic weapon skin arrives during the midseason patch with Reinhardt’s new Mythic Bound Demon weapon.

Celebrating a Milestone

Blizzard is celebrating the 100 million players who have enjoyed Overwatch 2 so far. The fan-favorite Pink Mercy skin makes its return in Super Mega Ultrawatch as part of the “Celebrating All Heroes” event. Players can obtain this skin through a new Rose Gold Mercy bundle which contains additional cosmetics and a rose gold variant of the skin on June 25. Subsequently, all proceeds shall be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Super Mega Ultrawatch

Additionally, additional rewards come in the form of Twitch drops. Players can earn new cosmetics by watching their favorite Overwatch 2 content creators at the start of Super Mega Ultrawatch. These cosmetics are designed by the community and serve as another way to feature players during this event.

The first campaign features the “Letter on the Wind” spray for Kiriko and Hanzo’s new epic skin: Nihon. Next, another campaign launches from June 25 to June 30. This brings a Rose Gold Mercy icon. Previous awards will be obtainable as well.

New Seasonal Additions

Super Mega Ultrawatch also brings a new Push map, Runasapi. This map is set in the Peruvian Andes. Additionally, it brings vibrant new scenery. This map also features cliff hazards to avoid during battle. Runasapi arrives at the start of season 11.

Meanwhile, Hero Mastery features two new heroes. Now, players can hone their skills with Kiriko and Soldier: 76. New challenges accompany these new courses during a limited-time event from June 20 to July 9. These challenges offer awards and Battle Pass XP.

This season is full of exciting new additions and upcoming content. Furthermore, the Super Mega Ultrawatch trailer ended with a new crossover tease. Players should expect more news closer to the midseason patch. Be sure to read the full season blog post here for additional info. What are you most looking forward to with season 11? Let us know in the comments down below. For all things Overwatch 2, remember to bend the knee in the realm of Lords of Gaming.