Warframe: Jade Shadows Launches Tomorrow


Digital Extremes has been on a hot streak with updates since Whispers in the Walls. From the Gargoyles Cry clan event after the expansion that pushed the narrative forward. To Dante Unbound, and Deep Archimedea offering an amazing new warframe and endgame activity. As well as a new Nightwave and more Kuva/Sister weapons in the most recent update. But before TennoCon this year, they are releasing one more big content update, Jade Shadows. Which will include a whole new cinematic quest, a new warframe, clan event, set of weapons and more. Here is everything you need to know about it!

Jade Shadows

All Jade Shadows Details in Warframe

Jade Shadows will include a short cinematic quest centered around the Stalker following the events of The New War. This means you will have to finish that quest to have access to this one. After the quest you will have access to a new mission type called “Ascension”. Where you have to do objectives while guiding an object up an elevator. This will be how you earn Jade, the new warframe in this update and her weapons. In addition to all of the new content, there will be a lot of new status effect reworks and how armor works for enemies to make killing them fairer across the board.


There will be three new weapons coming with Jade in Jade Shadows. A bow called Evensong, a new thrown secondary called Cantare, and a new scythe called Harmony. Jade herself will be the first warframe to include two aura slots and be the first offensively focused support frame. In addition to all of this, there will be a new clan event called “Belly of the Beast”. No details are known on how this event will play out, but Ordis will be moving to the Larunda relay and will act as the vendor for both Jade and her weapons, as well as the rewards from this clan event.


Finally, today Digital Extremes revealed the file sizes for Jade Shadows. The update sizes will be below, and the updated sizes for each version accordingly:

  • Update size for PC: ~1.15 GB. Full file size: 39.5 GB
  • Update size for Playstation 4: ~1.30 GB. Full file size: 43.33 GB
  • Update size for Playstation 5: ~4.00 GB. Full file size: 48.06 GB
  • Update size for Xbox One: ~2.67 GB. Full file size: 49.7 GB
  • Update size for Xbox Series: ~2.72 GB. Full file size: 49.9 GB
  • Update size for Nintendo Switch: ~1.22 GB. Full file size: 18.87 GB
  • Update size for iOS: ~1.00 GB. Full file size: 12.3 GB

For more details on Jade Shadows, you can find the full web page for the update here and our breakdown of Devstream 180, that broke down the reveal showcase in full here also.