Wayfinder: How to Open the First Chest in Aurelian Unraveled


In the Echoes update of Wayfinder, a whole slew of new content and changes were added. Including a new dungeon in the Void called “Aurelian Unraveled”. This is a pretty lengthy dungeon with a lot of big and dangerous foes. As well as a lot of chests to loot, including one encased in a Gloom cube that will be in the first big area you enter. But how do you open it? Well, it may seem difficult at first. But with this quick and easy guide, you should have it opened and not missing any precious loot from it!


How to Open the First Chest in Aurelian Unraveled in Wayfinder

For starters, when you are near the fast travel point, look left or right. As the position of the button will be left up to chance here. There should be a green button on either side, like so:

Afterwards, head to the center and go left. You will have to do some platforming, but above the cubes following the main path you will find another green button.


Then, take a right and follow the path to the next set of cubes, and perform similar platforming until you get to the top of some cubes, you will see the third button here in this dungeon in Wayfinder.


From here, just head to the chest and collect your loot. But this is how you open the first chest you see in Aurelian Unraveled in Wayfinder. I hope this guide helps you in the game!