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Xbox Live Gold Reverses Increase | Hitman 3 | Resident Evil 8 | ft The Grounded Gamer (TIMESTAMP EDITION)

Welcome to another new episode of The Iron Lord Podcast. The Lords welcome special guest The Grounded Gamer! The Lords discuss Microsoft’s reversal of Xbox Live Gold price; Hitman 3 performance; Resident Evil 8 demo; and Tencent acquisitions! ILP 193 is in the books!

The Grounded Gamer TIMESTAMPS

00:00 – ILP# 193 Pre-Show!

17:47 – ILP# 193 Show Start!

20:03 – @LordCognito is up with “Lordly Introductions” for our local Lords! (No starting guest this week) #CombatTalk starts at 27:47!

43:45 – The Lords go over last week’s results for the Official #ILP Twitter Poll, talk some recent podcast appearances, and get into some OG #Tekken & wrestling game talk! Lord Fonz (@JFonzerrelli) The Grounded Gamer stops by at 51:20!

53:40 – The Lords talk about the #XboxLiveGold price change: from the immediately reviled community response to the immediate reversion of the price change & the removal of the Live Gold paywall for #Free2Play games!

01:54:36 – With the release of #Hitman3 last week, the Lords talk about the console performance, console parity debate & if this is an indication that next-gen SDKs (software development kits) are getting better!

02:25:18 – The Lords discuss everything that came from last week’s #ResidentEvil8 showcase!

02:45:46 – With #Tencent’s recent effort to acquire game developers, the Lords discuss the impact as well as what could it mean for competing publishers!

02:59:30 – The new question for the Official #ILP Twitter Poll is up for this week!

03:00:22 – The Lords do their Outros with The Grounded Gamer!

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