Forza Horizon 5 Reviews

Forza Horizon 5 Reviews | Elden Ring | Xbox & Sega Strategic Alliance | ft ACG & Everborn Saga (TIMESTAMP EDITION)

Welcome to another episode of The Iron Lord Podcast. The Roundtable is joined by ACG & Everborn Saga! The Lords discuss Forza Horizon 5 Reviews; Elden Ring Gameplay impressions; Xbox and Sega Strategic Alliance; and the latest GeForce Now leaks. ILP 232 is in the books!

Forza Horizon 5 Reviews & Topics TIMESTAMPS

00:00 – ILP# 232 Pre-Show!

18:39 – ILP# 232 Show Start! Intro Video ends at 20:17.

21:00 – @LordCognito is up with “Lordly Introductions” for the hometown Lords! (No starting guest this week) #CombatTalk from 37:22 to 40:08.

49:45 – The Lords have some community news/announcements, honor the #LOGNET October #ScribeOfTheMonth and discuss possible retro games for @LordAddictILP to play!

01:11:34 – Lord ACG & Lord Everborn stop by the realm and discuss some new art & trailers from @EverbornSaga!

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01:27:18 – The Lords go over last week’s results of the Official #ILP #LOGNET Poll with a special appearance by #WorldwideJim!

01:31:34 – The Lords give their impressions of #ForzaHorizon5!

02:45:05 – The Lords give their thoughts on the recent #EldenRing gameplay footage!

03:10:24 – The Lords discuss new details that have come out regarding #Xbox & #SEGA‘s announced alliance!

04:00:44 – The Lords talk about another #GeforceNow game list leak that is making the rounds!

04:17:42 – The new question for the Official #ILP #LOGNET Poll is up for the week!

04:18:33 – The Lords do their Outros!


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