Wayfinder Unveils Content Roadmap

It has been a little under half a year since Wayfinder entered early access and it has been interesting. Considering it has went through a very all-too-common rough launch as a live service MMORPG. From server problems to bugs and glitches galore, it has not been an easy road to navigate. But as time went along, Airship Syndicate has been picking up the pieces and going all in on Wayfinder. From fixing the XP system, to adding frequent content-filled updates and recently adding a bounty system with daily challenges. They are beginning to realize this games potential, and that is very evident in their recently released Quarterly content roadmap. Here is what you can expect!

The Quarterly Roadmap for Wayfinder

This roadmap was revealed yesterday via their official Discord channel.

The Jobs system is already live in the game at the time of writing this. But Mythics, Grendel and all that entails in those updates have no concrete release dates. But it does show quite a lot of content coming in the next few months. From epic Accessories having set bonuses, to even better versions of Echoes to farm. As well as Grendel, and a new open world with the long-awaited mounts? It is very excited seeing this roadmap, and I cannot wait to how all of this executed. But the “Raid” bit at the end is an interesting direction for the game. Right now, a lot of the bosses in Wayfinder already have raid-like mechanics. So, it will be very exciting to see how Airship Syndicate handles amping up the difficulty, while not overwhelming players.

Wayfinder is available on PlayStation 4|5, and Steam for $19.99 via the base founder’s pack, and you can upgrade your founders pack to support Airship Syndicate for as long as the early access period continues. If you would like to stay up to date, please check out their official Social Media channels. Or stay tuned for breakdowns right here at Lords of Gaming!

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