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Satisfactory 1.0 Release Date Announced

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Coffee Stain Studios is known for a wide variety of different titles. From developing the Sanctum and Goat Simulator series, to publishing major hits like Valheim, and Deep Rock GalacticBut over the last four years, they have been developing an open world first person factory simulator game in Steam early access called Satisfactory. Back in March of 2019, the game was widely well received and as of January of this year, it has gone on to sell 5.5 million copies. Which shows just how beloved the game is, and very soon it will launch in 1.0. In a very “on brand” short trailer for the game, Coffee Stain Studios has finally revealed the release date for 1.0, that being September 10th.

Satisfactory promo image of a side angle shot of a factory.

Details on Satisfactory 1.0

Satisfactory has come a long way in early access. From the early days where pipes for water cooling machinery was a big reveal. To trains, lights, backup power, and delivery drones in later updates. The game has seen a lot of welcomed changes and never lost its jaw-dropping beauty and fantastic machinery animation for how much can fit on the screen at once. While also boasting very fun gunplay, and very weighty melee combat when adventuring in the open world.

But what is coming in 1.0? Well, a lengthy video featuring some of the new changes can be found here. As well as the aforementioned trailer below for your viewing pleasure:

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