Video Game Release Schedule for January 2020


New year, new games! While 2020 is starting out modest, consider it prep time for your wallet, gamers. In January, monster hunters on PC get their hands on Capcom’s astounding expansion to Monster Hunter World, Iceborne. Fans of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE on Wii U see a rerelease on Switch this month as well. Nearly a year after its launch, Kingdom Hearts III receives its much-anticipated DLC expansion.

For those who love Yakuza and familiar with importing games, Yakuza: Like a Dragon debuts in Japan this month on PS4.

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January 2020 Game Releases

  • Monster Hunter World: Iceborne [PC] – January 9
  • AO Tennis 2 [PS4, XBO, Switch, PC] – January 9
  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon [PS4] – January 16 (Japan)
  • Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot [PS4, XBO, PC] – January 17
  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore [Switch] – January 17
  • Moons of Madness [PS4, XBO] – January 21
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition [PS4, Switch] – January 23
  • Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind [PS4] – January 23
  • Rugby 20 [PS4, XBO, PC] – January 23
  • The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners [PC] – January 23
  • Journey to the Savage Planet [PS4, XBO, PC] – January 28
  • Warcraft III: Reforged [PC] – January 28
  • Sisters Royale [PS4, Switch] – January 30 (Japan)
  • Through the Darkest of Times [PC] – January 30
  • Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire [PS4, XBO] – January TBA
  • Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD [Switch] – January TBA

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What will you pick up in January? Let us know in the comments! Check back to for updates and more on your latest video game releases.

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