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Eiyuden Chronicle: 3 Important Questions Answered

Once again, Yoshitake Murayamaa graced the official Eiyuden Chronicle Discord for a small Q&A session. Nothing about specific in-game stuff was revealed, but we did get some minor information I wanted to share. As well as answer a few things that people have been asking about.

Question 1: Platform Availability

When the Eiyuden Chronicle Kickstarter concluded it was a major success. The best Kickstarter of 2020 and one of the most successful of all time. Having met all of the set goals and added stretch goals we set to get an amazing game. With Hundred Heroes a few years out and Rising only a couple of years out, platform availability became a question. Mainly surrounding the Nintendo Switch. Rabbit&Bear Studio always wanted the Eiyuden Chronicle game to be available to everyone.

Recently in the March update, we finally got confirmation that Rising is going to be available on the Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Steam, Epic Game Store, GOG, and the Switch. With Rising only a month or two, away we can finally rest easy knowing it  will release as a digital-only game. Hundred Heroes platform releases are essentially the same, with the Switch not confirmed yet. However, there will be a physical release for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

Question 2: Action RPG or Turn-Based RPG?

I have noticed some confusion regarding the type of games Rising and Hundred Heroes will be. Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising was an added stretch goal to the Kickstarter. All the goals were smashed and we were delighted to know we would get this extra bonus of a prequel companion game. Rising’s development is being done by Natsume which is actually two developers with R&B overseeing them. Being that it isn’t the main game and a companion game, Rabbit&Bear decided for it to be an Action JRPG. Rising will also provide insight and lore to the main game, Hundred Heroes.

When it comes to Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes it will be way bigger in scope compared to Rising. With all the Kickstarter stretch goals being met, there is going to be a plethora of content and things for everyone to do. Rising is much smaller and focuses on town building and 3 characters. Hundred Heroes has 110 recruitable characters that are all unique themselves and provide something special to the game. With some voted on by the community. Unlike Rising, Hundred Heroes will be a fully-fledged turn-based JRPG. It will also feature mini-games, 3 different modes, and already planned DLC for the other 2 main characters of the game.

Question 3: Play Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising First Or Not?

Some people that could be interested in playing the Eiyuden Chronicle games might be wondering if they have to play Rising or not. It has been revealed that if you play Rising you would be able to carry some aspects over into Hundred Heroes. This isn’t the first time we have seen this before from Murayama. When he was working on the Suikoden series, players remembered being able to load the previous game’s saves into the next ones. This would allow for certain returning characters to be at a higher level when recruited or maybe have different gear.

It has not been confirmed if this is what happens when a save is carried over from Rising to Hundred Heroes. Being that Eiyuden Chronicle is the spiritual successor to Suikoden, one can assume Murayama has something cool planned for that. To ease the mind of people that do not want to play through Rising for whatever reason they can rest easy. Yoshitake Murayama recently showed up over the weekend to answer some questions in the Eiyuden Chronicle Discord. Murayama himself said this when asked about playing Rising before Hundred Heroes:

I think you are free to do so. However, we are working on Rising with the assumption that it will be played first. Of course, we are also taking care of those who did not play Rising.

Now, I know there are some that won’t be playing Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising before Hundred Heroes so you can rest easy. Murayama will take care of all of them as well. If I can give my recommendation though I would play Rising first to make sure you get everything you possibly can. I enjoy turn-based instead of action RPGs myself, but I am definitely going to go through Rising first.


I could go on and on talking about everything both games offer, but there is no need. Murayama, Kuwano, and the team will not let us down when it comes to these games. Even though there are some things not confirmed such as Hundred Heroes being on Nintendo Switch. Or even the release date of Hundred Heroes outside the scope of Fall 2023. Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes will have 11 localization options on most platforms, plenty of content, and provide hours of amazing gameplay. If I was a betting man, I would say it will be on the NintendosSwitch as well. Both games will available on Xbox Game Pass day one when they release. Any other questions just ask below or find me on social media.

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