Meta Quest 2

5 Games You Should Play on Meta Quest 2


When it comes to Virtual Reality (VR), there are plenty of things you can do and games you can play. Of course, I’m sure you know about Beat Saber, Rec Room, Resident Evil, and plenty of others. I will touch on 5 Meta Quest 2 games I have enjoyed or plan to try out myself that you should play. So let us get into it!


Demeo Curse of the Serpent Lord 005

If you have read any of my Meta Quest 2-related articles, you know how much I love Demeo. I initially doubted the capabilities of VR in general and didn’t have any plans to try it out until I saw a friend Lord Cognito talking about Demeo. The game was released in 2021 and is a turn-based tabletop, role-playing game with survival elements.

Published by Resolution Games this game has continued to receive consistent updates and has a great road map for the future with plenty more to come in 2022.

Originally, Demeo was first released on the Oculus Quest but has since been released on Steam. However, VR is the best way to experience this game in all of its greatness. The developers have other releases planned including releasing Demeo on Playstation 5 and Playstation VR in 2023. So if you want an amazing VR group experience Demeo is for you and in my opinion best VR game ever!

Zenith MMO: The Last City

Zenith Meta Quest 2 combat gameplay

If you are more into MMOs, then you should enjoy this game on Meta Quest 2 called Zenith: The Last City. Zenith is a world crawling with tons of monsters that have been empowered by a mysterious god. There is plenty of glory and treasure for anyone that dives into the game with a satisfying mystery to unravel. Zenith boasts great combat with monsters that are quite intelligent. They know how to dodge your attacks and will strike back at you ferociously. You have the ability to forge alliances in guilds, join epic raids, and participate in world events.

All this while you attempt to become the most powerful Agent that Zenith has ever known. I don’t have the most experience so far with the game, as I have only played at my friend’s house. I will tell you though in the short time I have played it was a blast. The community for the most part has been very helpful and welcoming. I really like the social aspect of Zenith. This is a game I’ll be purchasing for my Meta Quest 2 very soon.

I Expect You to Die 2: The Spy and the Liar

Quest 2

Another game for Meta Quest 2 you should try is I Expect You To Die 2. This game is part of the popular escape-the-room-style VR game genre. You will be tasked with solving puzzles by finding clues while trying to escape. I Expect You to Die 2 will test your thinking skills with more ingenious puzzles, cunning villains, and dangerous locales. Schell Games put a lot of time into making these puzzles better than ever! You will also find yourself wearing a menagerie of crazy disguises as you make your way around and try to keep enemies off your trail.

Also in this game, they added a bit of a supernatural element. You will have the ability to summon different objects to your hands, which in return will help you get out of very precarious situations. There are some action scenes where people have said you blow up your enemies with grenades. I haven’t played this specific escape room game, but I have played others and had a great time. I Expect You to Die 2 looks the best out of all of the escape room-style games.

The Climb 2

Climb 2 gameplay on Quest 2

If you are looking for a game to test your VR bravery look no further than The Climb 2. This game gives you chance to be fearless and traverse a myriad of mountains and skyscrapers. The game will even have you leap across large gaps. There are ziplines, monkey bars, crumbling bricks, and thorny rock nubs that keep you on your toes. Once you reach the top you are rewarded by all the breathtaking scenery as you look and see the amazing visuals. You can also play The Climb 2 with a friend and race them to the top.

This is one of the games I haven’t played yet but has been on my radar. I have watched a few different people play and saw how much they enjoyed themselves with it. There are some people out there who even use this game as a VR exercise tool. Crytek did a great job on this game and I look forward to playing it on my Meta Quest 2.

Vader Immortal

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a game that involves one of the most popular franchises of all time Star Wars. This game Vader Immortal is a Star Wars VR series that is a set of 3 adventure games. Published obviously by Disney Interactive Studios, this series were released on May 21st, September 25th, and November 21st, 2019 respectively. Vader Immortal combines immersive cinematic storytelling with dramatic interactive play all while playing in the world of Darth Vader. What Star Wars fan wouldn’t love this? You’ll navigate the dangers of the fortress, hone your lightsaber skills, and meet new characters along the way as you discover what Vader is up to.

Players can expect a lot of lightsaber fights and of course, you will be using The Force. There are plenty of epic battles and fights and you ultimately determine Mustafar’s fate. So, if you enjoy Star Wars definitely pick up Vader Immortal for your Meta Quest 2.


These are just 5 of the many great Meta Quest 2 and VR games out there you could be playing. Other great titles also include After the Fall, Population 1, Moss, Pistol Whip, and the list goes on. I believe there is something out there for everyone in the world of VR if you look hard enough. VR platforms even have football games such as 2MD: VR Football Unleashed All-Star which is crazy fun. Expect more Meta Quest 2 and VR content in the future. If there is a VR game you want to see me try out or write about comment below or message me on Twitter.